Free and Fabulous

Free and Fabulous: tools for when daddy didn’t give you a $1.000.000 to start your business

What’s the one thing holding you back from professional social media, efficient multi-project management?
Money ?
No longer, I’m afraid you don’t get to play that card anymore.


How would you like to have the following things for free:


  • professional image & content database
  • easy to use editing software (for the Photoshop/ Illustrator illiterate amongst us)
  • personal assistant that isn’t a snotty intern


Hold on to your hat, because have we got some fine things in store for you!


At the CIAgency we make it our mission to always deliver long term boosts to the creativity and independence of people who are out there hustling to realize their passions.


If people love what they do, they’re good at it – most times even beyond great.


The world could use more people who are great at what they do (unless they’re armsdealers of course). #Amirite?


And what better way to support them (and you!) than by sharing absolutely free and absolutely fabulous tools that will help you reach your goals?


So we are very happy to introduce to you, the Free and Fabulous series!
free and fabulous tools for entrepreneur ciagency
Paul Meijering on
Tools for the cash strapped entrepreneur, from a first hand, non-sponsored (there goes my second holiday) source – yours truly.


We’ll introduce one tool every month, so don’t forget to like our page or you might miss out on what could be the biggest boost for your business / passion project as of yet.


Some of these tools may be familiar to you, others might be a revelation.

Even if you pick up just one, we believe you’ll go a long way with them boosting your professional results (and more importantly, having fun while doing it!).


Ten points to Gryffindor –  Our evaluation system :

Below are the four criteria that we believe will bring the most value to you:

How fabulous is it really?

We’ll briefly let you know how user friendly it is:  scope of the service, cross device options, does it have an app, stuff like that.

How “free” is it really?

Can you actually get your work done with the free version, or do you need in-app purchases or other premium content for professional looking results?

We’ve all fallen in love with a great tool or software, only to realize that we would need to get a premium membership in order to actually export and use the fruits of our labor.

Put away the tissues, because with these tools there will be no more heartbreak!

Plays well with others?

Other free and fabulous tools that bring out the best in each other, to really optimize your work/routines

We use it for:

This final snippet will give you a hands on idea and some inspiration to get you started yourself.

Or! Let us know if we missed something really cool.



Are you as excited about these tools as we are?  Maybe you have a tool of your own to share?

By all means, let us know!

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