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IFTTT: Personal Assistant that doesn’t need coffee or money – Free and Fabulous #1

No, we're not advocating Star Wars clones or any other form of slavery here.
We're dabbling in the dark arts of technology instead.

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IFTTT (as in gift without the 'g') can whip up recipes even your grandmother couldn't top.


We're talking recipes for automation though, not apple pie.


'If This Then That' is filled with recipes that automate nitty gritty, mundane work.

It might not equal your instant retirement to a tropical island, but it sure will save you a lot of time and money.


What black magic is this, you ask?

Well, the basis for every recipe is a trigger:

Something you do on one channel ( publishing a new blogpost on your website for instance), that triggers an automatic response in another channel (a new facebook post for example).


That way, your followers and facebook page will always be up to date, without you even lifting a finger.


That's just one out of many recipes- over 20 million to be exact*.
You can create, publish, or just use someone else's.


For example:

Tired of having to adjust your twitter profile picture to your new facebook profile pic?

Always forget to crosspost your Instagram picture to Twitter/facebook/Tumblr ?

Remember those important e-mails you starred, but then forgot?


IFTTT IphoneWord of Warning!

Automating things like social media is really great, but beware of sounding like a mindless robot.


Be sure to keep it human enough.


A personal example of how we keep this balance:


Create a to-do for welcoming new twitter followers, rather than sending an impersonal automated message.


The reminder/to-do is created automatically, so you won't forget about it, but you won't alienate your audience either.

How fabulous is it really?

On a scale of 1 to Marilyn Monroe?
We'd give it a solid 9/10 with diamonds studs.


At this moment, 330 channels can talk to each other thanks to IFTTT.
They also provide an app, an overview log of every time any of your recipes was used, and the ability to (dis)connect any channel at any time.


How "free" is it really?

100%. Yes, really.
No, I'm not sponsored in any way (sadly).


Plays well with:

Almost anything really.

Have a gander at their "Do" app:

a simple button on your phone to automate a task like getting a call so you can get out of an awkward date or sleep inducing meeting. We've all been there.


Be sure to also check out their curated overviews such as "recipes for small business owners"


We use it for:


Automatic twitter & facebook posts when a new WordPress blog has been published ( category specific, each with their own description)


Automatic back up ( pictures posted on our facebook page are saved onto Google Docs and Dropbox)


Free text message when the local UV intensity is <5  (we're low on melatonin but high on creativity!)




So, what are your waiting for? Get to cooking, good lookin' !

Or pick my brain for how to implement all these fancy tricks:

free try out ciagency



*"IFTTT Launches 3 "Do" Apps To Automate Photo Sharing, Tasks, Notes; Rebrands Main App "IF"". TechCrunch. Retrieved February 22, 2015. 

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