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Pocket: abandon all distractions ye who enter here – Free and Fabulous #2

CIAgency, information overload Pocket Free and fabulous

Look familiar?

How would you like to double your productivity and improve your social media content at the same time?

Why does great content only pop up when you are just about to clock into work?

Never when you're on the toilet.

Never more quoth the raven, abandon all distractions ye who read here.



You've almost found the cure to cancer and stumble upon a top notch article for your social media, 5 months down the line.


Laws of productivity demand that you get immediately back to the task at hand.

Because multitasking is our kryptonite (science says so!).



But how will you remember to save it for later, and when will you have time to read it?


Will you find it when you're waiting for your 10 minutes delayed train?


Worry no more, my knowledge hungry friend!

Just store all them juicy articles or videos in your digital pocket:

A library where you add your own categories (tags), receive recommendations from your social media folk, search by type and get a list of interesting content for your mood and time.

How fabulous is it really?

On a scale of 1 to Joanna Lumley?


Absolutely fabulous with booze at the end:


Pocket has a clean app that automatically downloads your content to your phone/tablet.

That way, you don't even need internet to access your mountain of unread, but interesting content.

How "free" is it really?


Free version is all you need, above and beyond. 

Premium is like the sprinkles on top of your ice cream: 

It's nice if you can afford it, but the ice cream is the main event and will fill your belly and heart ( or mind in this case).

Plays well with:

All browsers (extensions)

All media types except for GIFs (doesn't render example).

We use it for:

- Social Media content (quality articles are hard to find when you're pressured for time)

-Staying up to date in our industries

- Business and pleasure!

- to avoid feeling like this:


information overload CIAgency Free and Fabulous Pocket


Go ahead, use this article as your first Pocket experience - we promise we'll be gentle:

you can store and even recommend it.


You'll be the best time-saver with quality content on all your social media feeds in no time!


Go get started and share with others who need this app in their life!

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