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Hootsuite: Social Media Sans Rabbit Hole – Free and Fabulous #3

social media sans rabbit hole

TLDR: Social media is the digital exercise you know you should be getting for 30 minutes a day, but rarely actually do. 

So let me make you an offer you can't refuse: how about a 6 hour binge in return for 30 days of carefree social media?


If you're anything like me, you'll take that deal in a heartbeat.

If you're not, check out this Skillshare course  and get on with it (you robot).



Good, you're like me! Great minds and what not.


When doing your social media, it's hard not to get sucked into the rabbit hole of your personal social media updates.


You easily lose < 30 minutes by checking that friend's new travel pictures or cute dog video.

(I'm a sucker for anything Corgi related)


Here's a free and fabulous tool that allows you to focus on just business, and ignore the personal.


just business no drama CIAgency FaF tools Hootsuite Social Media


What's more, laws of productivity say:

if you can do things in bulk, it's a lot more efficient (hello Netflix!)

So why not implement your social media strategy during 1 bulk effort and be done with it?



That's where HootSuite comes in:


A platform that allows you to write and schedule all your social media posts, without the in-app distractions of Facebook or Pinterest. 

How fabulous is it really?

You can write and schedule posts for any of your connected profiles, keep an eye on specific hashtags/users, and even receive suggestions for your content and ideal posting times.


They even give you a nice basic analytics and calendar overview.



How "free" is it really?

Free version allows up to 3 social profiles, basic analytics, 2 RSS feeds and the above mentioned functionality. 

So adding your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be enough for most small businesses.


If you'd like to add more profiles (up to 50!), you can get the premium at 7.12€ / month.

Plays well with:
  • A ton of apps such as Dropbox, Mailchimp, WordPress and Pocket (both free and paid apps available).
  • Any browser, seeing as they have a free extension 'hootlet' that lets you quickly write (+schedule) a post about the page you're on.


We use it for:
  • implementing our monthly social media strategy in a 6 hour bulk
  • cross-channel posting (re-post = rewrite!)
  • conversation tracking (mentions,specific hashtags, locations, users,etc.)



Buffer. Has the big advantage of being on IFTTT.

But has a more limited and expensive premium option (10 profiles for 10€/month).




We have a free training on this topic!

Sign up and save your seat when it launches:

 "Social Media for the overwhelmed and lazy"




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