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Asana: One size fits all Project Management/ Editorial Calendar – Free and Fabulous #4

One size fits all Project Management/ Editorial Calendar

TLDR:  Surprisingly easy and fun to use, despite the multi layered options.


Okay, let's cut the crap: one size never fits all.

Not just in fashion, but also in business, it's quite rare to find that perfect item to support you and get the job done.

- Bra shopping, my ladies? 


Yet here I am, proclaiming to have stumbled upon a service that's a great fit for companies big and small.



So what gives?



Let me start off by saying that it's not a perfect, but a near-perfect fit: 

Might not be a tailored Armani suit, but it's still very comfortable and pretty.


If you don't have a 1.000.000 bucks to boost your business, this free service will get you started, and then some.


Asana takes the complexity out of tracking  big multi-media, multi-people projects, without losing the details.

Add a clean and fun interface, and you've got yourself a tool that's near-perfect for 'most anybody.


If you're a medium-big company, you might want to use it to track all your different projects, across different departments and staff responsible (marketing, R&D, HR, finance).



Flying solo?


Perfect for tracking your content strategy across different social media.

There are even templates for recurring workflows, you can assign people and deadlines, use tags and color code 'till your organizing heart's content.



How free is it really:

Like love, the free version is all you need.

Premium allows you to customize fields, add dependencies and much more.


The cool feature here is that you can choose to upgrade only the team or project that you need, rather than a full-on agency upgrade for the entire platform.



How fabulous is it really:
Macro-Micro overviews


|  Create several teams

(one for your content marketing, one for your finance and administration, one for your business strategy)


| Each team can create several projects

(your content team could have a project for every client or medium they want to produce content for)


| Every project has its' own list

(with tasks, conversations, calendar, progress, files)


| Every task can be made into a mini project and have several tasks, subtasks and so on


Getting dizzy yet?

 Asana FaF CIAgency Free and Fabulous Tool



No need, the UI is so clean - yet colorful, that you'll start tracking projects and using different layers intuitively.



Communication vs concentration

Inbox and comments provide excellent team communication, while the "mute inbox" option ensures your concentration doesn't pay for all this.

There's also a very nice FAQ and knowledge database to boot.



Plays well with:

- any digital calendar
- IOS and Android (app)


Basecamp: Not as colorful or intuitive, but similar functionality (only free for students or 30 days)


We use it for:


Our go-to place for tracking and implementing  content marketing strategy for both our clients and ourselves, across different channels.




What will you use it for?


Ask for a free try out, and pick my brain for how this tool could boost your business


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