Free and Fabulous

Smore: Free and Fabulous #5

Tell me smore, tell me smore, did you get very far?- Free and Fabulous #5


TLDR: Interactive flyers that are fun to make, and even easier to share thanks to their great SEO feedback.


Nostalgia is cute, but paper flyers are just a waste of trees.


Besides, wouldn't you want to include a link to your Facebook event page?

Track how many people looked at your flyer for >1min, 1-5minutes or over 10minutes.

How about those outgoing links:


Who clicks them, and why?



Smore will answer your questions, and save you that delivery bicycle ride all over town



how fabulous is it really:


-Ridiculously easy to use drag and drop system

-Free templates to choose your

-Great SEO data

How free is it really:

Of course you can upgrade to a premium service if you'd like to include payment for your event and custom colors.


The free version will have you designing gorgeous flyers in no time.

It even has a set of templates and 8 basic colors to choose from, so you stay as true to your brand and your wallet as you like.


Plays well with:

-Google forms


facebook events


any social media


We use it for:


Event promotion and interactive flyers, like the one below (Dutch, but you get the picture)




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