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PWAT: Create content, get paid in social momentum – Free and fabulous #6

Create content, get paid in social media momentum - Free and fabulous #6

TLDR:  Great content marketing tool that uses and promotes organic social media reach as a form of payment.


Everyone has content, you just need to know how to market it.


Making an e-book, white paper, free worksheets or checklists?

Whatever the packaging of your added-value is, you need to get the word out.


Sure, you can pay for FB adds or stalk your network. 
But what about social currency instead?


Have people pay with a status update as a means of payment for getting your value-adding content.


That's what Pay With A Tweet does:

It lets people type their own status, includes your link to the update, and checks if it is actually posted on their social network.

So in return for your free stuff, they provide the momentum you need, without resorting to paid adds.


How fabulous is it really?

You can customize the experience by using a specific landing page, "thank you for downloading" page, etc.


Want to restrict your generosity? 

Set a maximum amount of offers and 'valid until' restriction on your free content.


How free is it really?

Free unlimited campaigns, so why would you want to upgrade to premium?


If you want to customize the button and use their in-house statistics.

Or you could just use Bitly instead, and get your statistics from them.


Verdict: Absolutely great for anyone starting out with content marketing and looking to build momentum.


Plays well with:

- Bitly (free link shortener + statistics)

- Hootsuite (search twitter/facebook for your specific hashtag or contentpiece name)


 We use it for:

Offering free worksheets and checklists in the Creative Compendium, as part of our content marketing strategy.




Not sure on how to get started with Kick Ass Content Marketing?


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