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Fiverr: Outsource without the unethics, get an Indian Slave for 5$/Hour – Free and Fabulous #7

Outsource without the unethics, get an Indian Slave for 5$/Hour - Free and Fabulous #7

TLDR:  Ditch the office, use virtual assistants to spend your time doing what you like most.


Even if you've created your dream job, there will still be some routine work that you would rather avoid.

Most of this is research or documentation (Excel anyone?), and not exactly the stuff keeps you abuzz without any caffeine.


For some, the definition of success is to ditch the office and work from anywhere in the world as a (digital) nomad.

Pearly beach, Mojito in one hand, smartphone in the other.


For others, success is merely increasing the type of work you love, and decreasing the type of work that drains your energy.


Whatever your aspirations,


Ask yourself how much money you earn, per hour that you do what you do best.
If this is more than $5 - it's economically stupid not to outsource on Fiverr.


You'll find mostly Indian and Bangladeshi people who are willing to take up any research/organizational work.

So you can be like Coca-Cola and outsource to a cheap Bangladeshi student, only without the inhumane conditions.



That's what makes Fiverr so great:

It's a platform that allows you to hire an assistant per hour/project, starting at $5.  

You can outsource anything, both as a seller or buyer.

To free up time for your talents, or to make some petty cash on the side.


How fabulous is it really? 

You can browse through all kinds of services or sellers,

check out their reviews, and which certificates or languages they master.

Or even request a specific service and review the offers you get.


How free is it really?

The platform itself is 100% free, the fee for the service you request is up to you/ your provider, but always starts at $5.


 There is no limit to the amount of request/orders/gigs you can make.


Plays well with:

- any smartphone (app available)



 We use it for:
  • Outsourcing routine research (to complete our CRM information)
  • Collaborate with teachers who spellcheck our work: fast and reliable, we only pay for a service when we/client needs it.
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Not sure on how to use Fiverr to boost your business?


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