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Canva: Sandbox for Graphic Design noobs – Free and Fabulous #8

Sandbox for graphic design noobs

TLDR:  Visuals for your business, 100% free and foolproof.


You’d rather photobomb than photoshop a picture?

We’ve got you covered.


Well, Canva does, actually.



They’re a free image editor with a ridiculous amount of built in images, icons, lay outs and backgrounds to choose from.

It’s intuitive and fun to play around in - kind of like a sandbox for (In)design noobs


See for yourself:

All these images were created with 100% free tools and zero training.




How fabulous is it really?


  • Drag and drop editor
  • easily change size, color or direction for any element
  • save, copy, edit unlimited designs 
How free is it really?


Although there are a lot of paid images/lay outs or icons (usually 1€), you don’t need these to make beautiful visuals - it’ll just take you a bit longer.


“Canva for work” is 10€ /month if you want to set up your brand colors and custom lay outs for easy acces. Or have the option to download in PNG with transparent background or use folders to organise your creations.


The magic resize feature is also a real bonus for those of you have 10 pop a month to invest in your (side) business. We all know how often social media image sizes change *roll eyes*


Plays well with:


Pixabay: a treasure trove of free stock images, most are both creative and commercially license-free

Picmonkey: free image editor (polishing, frames, lighting, cut outs etc.)

 We use it for:


  • We use it for all our visuals:

    Any kind of social media post/ banner/  event header etc.

    Go ahead, take a look at our Twitter banner, truth bombs album or any other visual (inforgraphics) we’ve created. 

Canva is an amazing tool to boost your social media or content marketing (hello infographics!).
Not sure on how to get started?

free try out ciagency