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Picmonkey: the airbrushing editor you never had- Free and Fabulous #9

Picmonkey: the airbrushing editor you never had


Need a professional looking headshot for your LinkedIn?

Want to put that group photo of your workshop on your website?


Give it a little polish - and your brand of course!


Can't afford a professional photographer for your professional pictures?

Take lots of pictures and use an easy editor to touch up that one good photo, and make it better.


Below is a before and after by Inspire planning, that showcases a big make over :



added make up

wrinkle remover

hair highlighter


picmonkey free and fabulous tool editor ciagency



Apart from its professional usage, it's mostly fun to just play around and see what you'd look like with spray tan, hair highlights or more make up.



How fabulous is it really?


The website is easy enough to use, and there's even a complementary crash course on how to best use it (without overdoing it, nobody wants to look like a Barbie).

Check out the mini class they have on Skillshare, or my summary if you're feeling a bit lazy. 



How "free" is it really:


Basic free account is enough to add some polishing and branding to your visuals:

think brandcolors, fun cut-outs, festive framing, adding your watermark or logo.

The premium version will get you extras for €5.50 (supreme version for €10.99) ,


but unless you're a photographer or designer - the basic version will suit you just fine.



Plays well with:


Pixabay and other sites that offer free stock images.

Canva:  once you’ve cut out/brushed up your profile or loge picture, or created your watermark, you can upload it to Canva and create your brand visuals.


We use it for:

Image editing so that they fit in different documents, in different styles as well as making our profile pictures (cut outs, filters there is so much to explore and have fun with).



Not quite sure on how to use this tool to boost your social media?

Pick my brain!


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