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Todoist: ultimate overview for groceries to world domination – Free and Fabulous #10

Todoist: ultimate overview for groceries or world domination


It's hard to know when to stop:
When to close the laptop, not send that final email, and still feel like you've done enough.


Having a clear overview of what you need to do on a given day is one way of achieving this. 

List your priorities and check off what you've done.


But most people have a combination of off/online lists:

- paper to do list for work

- notebook for your (side) business

- mental note of something your neighbour asked you to pick up

- ...


Oh and then there's that post it on the fridge to get more orange juice.

- sigh 


How about a clean system to store all your to-do’s that seemingly integrates with all your devices?


Personal, Business and Client to do's, neatly separated but seamlessly integrated into one overview. 


That's the magic of Todoist.



Whether you're planning world domination or need to get a new carton of milk,

Todoist gives you an easy to use overview of all your lists & tasks.




See for yourself:

Here's a screenshot  (desktop version) of my "Someday" folder in which I store all tasks and ideas that I'd like to do, but don't have a real deadline.

It's a way of decluttering your mind of ideas and focussing on the task at hand - without losing the ideas themselves.




How fabulous is it really?

Intuitive to use and sync between apps-desktop

Easily arrange all your different tasks and projects, (re)schedule and prioritise your work.

Uses natural language: if you type “send email tomorrow”, it will automatically schedule the task for tomorrow.


How free is it really?


Free version, with 4 subtask levels and 80 projects is all you need for professional results. Particularly in combination with IFTTT (link).

Naturally there’s a premium option if you’re die hard: 1 year for just €28.99 or per year per user (for teams).


This opens up custom labels,

-up to 200 projects

-comments and file uploads

 (not needed if you work with a different team/content/project management system like Asana, Slack, others.

-productivity trackers




How we use it

As our one-stop to-do list for both ourselves and clients

(for everything except content marketing - that’s when we use Asana ).


To never lose track of lost calls, starred emails, new subscribers/ followers etc.



For example:

When we have a new twitter follower, we get a task to welcome them.

The reminder is automated, but the message is still human, so we get best of both worlds.


Plays well with:

IFTTT: automatically have events trigger a new to do in the right folder 

Any smartphone (native app)

Get it Done method 


Alternative:, more clearly build on GD and the 4 quadrants, as made famous by 8 habits of highly successful people.

Highly recommended if not for the fact that it can’t be linked to IFTTT, and Todoist can.


Get started yourself:


To help you get started, you can WIN 3 months premium membership:

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Good luck!