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Pixabay: free image bank – Free and Fabulous #11

Pixabay: Free image bank


My best portrait is something akin to a stick man, so needless to say, I am no graphic designer.

Yet we all know the importance of visual content, as it draws our attention and goldfish-like attention span.


Our final post is not about a tool as much as a resource: it’s a treasure trove of gorgeously professional and license free (!) stock images.


And it goes by the name of Pixabay.


If you need a good background for your website, it's easy to scour the vast depths of Google Images and just use whatever you like.


This might be acceptable if you're in high school and doing a powerpoint presentation, but obviously you can't just use other peoples' creative work and not

1) pay them for it or

2) credit them for it.


So ethics are all nice and stuff, but good pictures via Shutterstock, or other paying services are usually not an option for a cash-strapped entrepreneur.


How fabulous is it really?


That's where Pixabay comes to the rescue 

It's a platform where the good samaritans amongst the photographers upload their work, free of charge, free of license (creative and commercial).


Feel like giving back?

They provide a donation option via Paypall.


How "free" is it really:


Completely free with just 5 sponsored photo's as the top result, nothing intrusive or obstructive.


Be sure to like their facebook page to see beautiful highlighted pictures on your newsfeed. 


Plays well with: 


Canva: just add your logo, an inspirational quote and you've got a great social media post.

Picmonkey: in case you feel the need to edit a picture in terms of lighting 
We use it for:

Social media image backgrounds, like our truth bombs.



Can't find what you're looking for?



Not quite sure on how to use this tool to boost your social media?

Pick my brain!


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