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Small-time entrepreneur with big time plans?

Best of Free and Fabulous

Big time plans, small time wallet?
Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.
Money is no longer an excuse I'm afraid.
We've combined 11 apps/sites that are free and absolutely fabulous for your
  • personal productivity
  • professional visual content
  • social media 
  • client/project management
We've listed all of them below, with a link to the full review.
In the original article we talk about how free it really is and give practical examples of how we use it, and which other apps it plays well with.
So check out our best of the Free and Fabulous series we wrote this year, and upgrade your workflow.
Personal Productivity:


'If This Then That' is filled with recipes make your apps talk to each other and will automate nitty gritty, mundane work.

It might not equal your instant retirement to a tropical island, but it sure will save you a lot of time and money

(read full review: Personal Assistant that doesn’t need coffee or money – Free and Fabulous #1 )


2) Todoist:

Combine both personal and professional to-do's, in one stylish  app.

(read full review:  ultimate overview for groceries to world domination )


3) Pocket:

Boost your productivity while building a content library.

(read full review: abandon all distractions ye who enter here – Free and Fabulous #2 )

Professional visual content:

4) Canva:

Create professional visuals for your business, 100% free and foolproof.



5) Pixabay:

Find that ispirational background image, without license or fee.

(read full review: PIXABAY: FREE IMAGE BANK)


6) Picmonkey:

In case you need to get a bit more into the nitty gritty of editing pictures (taking out red in your eyes, so you look more like a professional and less like a demon)

(read full review: Picmonkey: the airbrushing editor you never had- Free and Fabulous #9 )

Social Media:

7) HootSuite:

Cockpit that operates and monitors your social media.

To quote Red from OITNB "No drama, just business".

(read full review: Social Media Sans Rabbit Hole)


8) Pay With A Tweet:

Content Marketing buddy to help you spread the word.

(read full review: Create content, get paid in social momentum  )


9) Smore:

Digital flyers made for sharing and social analytics.

(read full review: Free and Fabulous #5 )

Client/Project Management:

10) Asana:

Keep on top of your content/projects for both in-house and client purposes.

(read full review: One size fits all Project Management/ Editorial Calendar  )


11) Fiverr: 

Nobody's perfect.

Know how to pick your battles and outsource ,so that you free up more time for value adding work.

( read full review: Outsource without the unethics, get an Indian Slave for 5$/Hour )



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