A wee bit of social media

Minimalistic social media strategy allows you to engage  your audiences and still focus on what's really important:  doing business instead of just talking about it.

Being a digital native, I enjoy social media, but I also enjoy a sunny blue sky rather than the infamous 'blue light'.


When it comes to all things social, I apply the 80-20 rule: do the 20% of work that gets you 80% results.


Sounds like a good rule huh?


Apply it yourself, and check out the resources for social media for lazy/overwhelmed

Or the 'social media campaign in 15 minutes a day' MOOC, it's a great place to start!


And it's free, at least for 30 days.

Which equals to 450 minutes of efficient digital socializing. That's worth a like or two.



How about a free social media consultation to give you a boost? 


free try out ciagency


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