Effortless Innovation

One size does not fit all, creativity has different forms and shapes, so tailor it to your needs - not the latest trend. After all, innovation is not a skinny jeans.


Paid vs. organic innovation

Like search results, you can get a quick fix and pay for a short-term solution.

Or opt for the more sustainable approach of organic innovation:

insource your creativity so you don't outsource your authenticity (and Christmas bonus).

effortless innovation

Innovation is fueled by a cocktail of structure and creativity.

  • nurture ideas without losing time
  • apply to customer needs, use efficient tools
  • integrate process through path of least resistance


Yet (y)our creativity is still tragically overlooked and misunderstood.

How come?

Allowing your people to have pet-projects is fabulous.

Providing structure and a strategic toolbox for them to capitalize on it, is absolutely fabulous.



Let's talk structure and how it  guides and integrates innovation into your business goals.



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