Kick Ass Content Marketing

'Kick-ass' or 'derrière stomping'? It's not so much what you say, but how you say it.

All companies have plenty of content, it's just a matter of how to deliver it - preferably so that it helps both you and potential customers.

Get inspired by some of the examples below:



Appeasing a partner company? 

Try a free digital (&/print) magazine - here's a Dutch job application letter of mine (free version supports desktopviews only)


Want to integrate your new employees?

Tell the corporate story or spice up that project rapport via e-books


Got a lot of softskills, interesting case study or method?

Share to impress via your own MOOC that could reach thousands - 'pimp your brain, MOOCS for dummies'


Boost your (employees') brand and get feedback

Write expert LinkedIn articles


Don't be shy, ask for a free try out for your company!


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