Terms & Conditions

I am absolutely stoked to get started on your  project!

But as a wise Chinese man once said:

Projects big and small, the terms below apply to them all.



Before I unleash the creative kraken, and get crackin', I will deliver a full breakdown of steps, estimated costs and hours in a detailed proposal for you to accept or comment on.

I strongly feel that you should only pay for the parts that you feel are valuable and not within your skill or interest . Which is why we will go over every step and who will be executing it.

Think of it like a chef who you only have to pay for the cooking instead of also doing the dishes and all the preparatory mise-en-place.

Life happens when you're busy making other plans:

Shit happens, projects become bigger while deadlines shrink, or you just can't muster up the gusto to do the preparatory work. Whatever it is, we'll take it step by step and adjust accordingly.  If this means a change in price or scope, you will not be charged until we''ve agreed upon a new quotation.

As a result, in order to give every project and its proud owner the time and personal attention they need, I will not take on additional projects as long as you haven't declined or accepted my proposal. For this reason, the quotations I send you will be valid for 14 days.


Capish ?
Confirmation of the contract

Before work begins, I will require your written confirmation, preferably  by email, stating clearly that you are commissioning me to write for you and that you accept the agreed fee. If you wish to commission me to work for you on behalf of an organisation or company other than yourself, you confirm that you are authorised to do so.

Godfather Terms and Conditions CIAgency
Paramount Pictures- The Godfather
The contract

Our agreement will exist solely between us both (and possibly your organization), no third party poopers. By commissioning me, you agree to indemnify me against any claim for compensation or damages brought about as a direct or indirect consequence of any work I do for you or your organisation.


The agreed fee

The agreed fee will cover correspondence regarding your brief and writing and submission of the first draft. If you are not entirely happy with the first draft, upon further discussion and feedback, I will happily rewrite and submit an additional set of revisions for no extra charge.


If you choose not to use some of the material: 

No cost reduction is applicable in the event that you delete, request that I delete or decide not to use text that I have created as previously agreed.
Think of it as a delicious apple crumble pie (my favorite!) that you ordered, and decide to eat only 3/4 because you're stuffed (who wouldn't be after 3/4 of pie?). The fullness of your stomach does not undo all the effort, ingredients, labor and love that went into the pie. After all, you wouldn't go back to the bakery and request a refund for that final quarter, now would you?


Mum's the word :
Non–disclosure and confidentiality agreements

If required to, I will be happy to sign any confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that are not in conflict with my core values (http://ciagency.eu/the-agent/ ) . However, upon me doing so, you agree to indemnify me for any claim for compensation or damages as a result of accidental disclosure or loss of information.

Can't get no satisfaction?

Happy clients are the equivalent of  a dopamine and caffeine shot. And since  creative work is subjective, I offer a free set of revisions.

Should you still not be happy with the result, however, I will gladly listen to your comments and redefine your wishes so as to properly execute them.

Should you still be unhappy after this 2nd revision, we will cancel the contract with no hard feelings and only 50% payment due  upon cancelation (including expenses such as internet cost).

Needless to say, the copyright will not be transferred to you. 

If any part of the submitted work is used, the agreed fee will become payable in full + additional 10% penalty.

Because, let's be honest, that's just bad manners.


Show me the money:
1. Payment terms

Upon submission of the first, second or final draft, if I have not received any comments within 5 working days, I will assume that you are pleased and have accepted the work. Invoices will be sent electronically, unless agreed otherwise, and are payable within 14 days of receipt. In circumstances where I request that part of the fee be paid prior to commencement of any work, the balance of the fee will be payable within 30 days of the final invoice.

2. Disclaimer

Please note that sum received in payment must be net of bank charges.

I'm a big fan of karma points and Belgian beers, but here's a list of payment methods I currently accept:



3. Deposit

Projects up to €500 require no prepayment, whereas projects over €1500 require a 10% deposit payable upon accepting the proposal. This only applies to first-time clients.

4. Late payment

If payment is not made in full within 14 calendar days of receipt of the invoice, you may face a late payment charge
(10% of the outstanding amount with a minimum of €40).


The dark side of the force:

Of course I'll triple check, reread and re-reread. But that doesn't mean that I can keep the dark side from creeping in on occasion (they do have cookies you know). 


Shantay you stay or pay:


Anything I write for you is yours, upon me receiving full payment of the due fee.

All first drafts, whether or not as part of a tryout copy, remains copyrighted by me until you agree to commission me for it.

I do reserve the right to use selected extracts of my work for the purpose of self-promotion, unless we've agreed otherwise in our contract.

If you provide me with copyrighted material as part of a brief, you confirm that you are authorised to send me that material for either reference or to form part of a new piece of work.


So  let's get cooking!

Sample a literary degustation or ask for a quote