How to get Creative Superpowers

Meet our fantastic four!

Every training is tailored, but is also rooted in one of the 4 different types:

each with their own focus and ideal timing.


Awaken your superpowers:

Creativity 101

Science, coaching, exercises and a handy implementation booklet.

You're all set to kick some creative ass!


Put on your tights and cape:

Aretha Franlin how to get creative superpowers conceptualConceptual

Assembling a new team,(re)designing your workspace or discussing the company culture?

You better think (think!), before you put pieces of kryptonite into place.

Learn how to design a workspace and culture that boosts creativity, lead a team to creative success, and have fun while doing it.


How to use your powers for good with MBTI


Directly apply it to a project.

Get personalized creativity building blocks and strategies for every member of the team.

A little less conversation, little more action dear

Save the world, get the girl:


A how-to guide for organic innovation.

Perfect to launch your  effortless innovation track, but also works as a solo act.


Not sure which one to pick? Just ask! 


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